How to unblock a shower

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May 6, 2016
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June 4, 2016

The first culprit when it comes to a blocked shower Ladbroke Grove is hair. When it is possible, you should remove a clog physically instead of trying to remove the blockage using caustic chemicals. It is not toxic, cheaper, faster and safer. However, things that you are able to pull out can be disgusting. The sludge that has been accumulated under a strainer may be thick and it may smell like pond scum. The mass of hair may be oozing and slimy.

If you want to fix the blocked shower Ladbroke Grove, you need to have a paper towel, plastic bag, waterproof gloves, anti-bacterial spray or household cleaner, a wire coat hanger, flat and Phillips head screw driver, and needle-nose and cutting pliers.

You should start by prying off or unscrewing the strainer. You should not let any screw down in the drain. You have to be careful so that you do not crack or bend the strainer when you are pulling it off. You should clean off the bottom of the strainer since there may be gunk build-up at the bottom and you should have with you anti-bacterial spray cleaner in order to wipe it down or disinfect it. You should cut a wire hanger and bend it in a straight length. You should stick a hanger down the drain and start fishing what it is inside the drain. The hanger may be caught in the hair and it will start to be pulled out. You can discard the catch in a plastic bag to get even more. You have to go back to get even more while being even more careful. When the hanger does not catch anything, you should boil water and put it in the drain. You should then snap and screw the strainer back.

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